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Rustic Timber

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Rustic Timber Furniture for the Modern Home

Timber is a timeless material that’s been a crowd favourite in furniture for years. While modern trends are constantly changing, and favouring certain materials over others, the rustic, industrial aesthetic of timber remains an ever-stylish choice.

Our range of timber furniture has always been a best-seller. Whether it’s a simply designed display cabinet or a beautiful, luxuriant dining table, buying a rustic piece such as timber will ensure you have something you and your family can cherish. We take pride in supplying recycled and reclaimed timber furniture, so not only are you helping us re-use beautiful, natural materials, but you’re also buying something with character, history and a vintage feel.

Perth’s first choice for timeless, unique furnishings

Timber is a fantastic option as it boasts a natural finish that doesn’t need excess décor. As a durable and quality material, you’ll be holding onto your timber piece for years to come. What’s more, it can easily complement any other interior or outdoor design, so you can pair it with almost anything.

At East West Design, we love supplying furniture with character and style, so you can create a truly rich and exciting interior. Whether you need to update your living room, or looking for full furnishings for your new home, we’ve got you covered. We have one of the widest ranges of furniture in Perth, stocking goods in a range of styles of exotic Balinese pieces to luxe antiques.

Visit our shop and get browsing!

Fan of the rustic, industrial look? Looking to find furniture that’s timeless, sophisticated and exciting? Take a look at our fantastic selection of teak and timber pieces and start getting inspired. Our suppliers come from all across the globe, including Africa, China and Indonesia, so you know you’re getting something truly unique. Our buyers spend a great deal of time hand-selecting incredible pieces that you simply can’t find elsewhere – anything from original temple doors in India to hand-carved canoes from Nairobi. We trust our suppliers, so you can be rest assured that you’re purchasing something that will last.

If you’ve got a rustic vision for your interior and need the products to make it a reality, then choose from our selection at East West Design. You can browse our range online, or visit our huge shop in South Fremantle and see the pieces with your own eyes.

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